What do our clients say about Great Glen Psychology?

"Kate made me feel at ease which enabled me to open up about past experiences. I felt I was able to trust Kate. I received EMDR treatment and cannot thank Kate enough. I have regained my confidence and feel like myself again. I have no hesitation in recommending this service."

"Kate helped me through difficult drama’s in my life. I’m now positive about myself and understand my emotions. She helped me get back my personality and start enjoying life again. She’s caring and listen’s well."

"Kate was amazing, she helped me to look differently at my thoughts and emotions. I learned I could change my thoughts after her help. Such an amazing kind person who clearly cares as well as being fantastic at her job."

"For the first time in my life I don’t feel worthless. I have goals for myself and am not so worried about pleasing everyone else."

"It can be scary asking for help and facing our own parenting 'challenges'. Being supported by Kate to be who we are, without judgement, gave us the confidence to face these challenges, and the practical skills and tools she helped us to develop allowed us to take on these challenges with hope and a new found calm and focus."

"As a parent there are moments where you are pulling your hair out. You think why is my child doing this and will it ever change. We really wanted to improve the situation at home but didn't know how we could. Working with Kate has been wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and very experienced at helping families. We now have a much better understanding of my child's behaviours and how best to support him to make positive changes. During our sessions we learned strategies and techniques to develop our parenting skills. This has benefited everyone in our family and been of great value."

"My child opened up almost straight away, it felt so good to know she was communicating her feelings to someone who had the knowledge, patience, emotional stability and had the communication skills to bond so very well with my child, which was obvious from the start."

"In addition to relating to our child, we felt we were listened to with patience and empathy, as it can be equally hard on parents when a child is hurting, and you can’t always fix the problem, as parents having someone help guide you, along with your child, is a very important thing."

"We were delighted someone finally recognised our concerns and was able to implement recognised and validated strategies to help with our son’s problems. We felt listened to and supported and it was helpful to have Kate’s support in school meetings. A first class service ... "

"I would highly recommend this service for families. I feel it actively contributes to empowering children and their families, helping to work through social, emotional and behavioural problems, which families can’t always resolve on their own. The level of care we received was always very positive and more to the point my child bonded and almost immediately started to open up. Compassion and a real want to help was always very visible."

"Dr Rhee enabled us to support the children in a caring manner. She also supported us in developing a clearer understanding of the children’s behaviour and the situation. She made us feel more empowered and confident moving forward."

"We highly recommend the service provided by Great Glen Psychology to any parents whose child may be exhibiting a particular behaviour or pattern causing some concern. We felt our son’s daydreaming behaviour became significantly intense and more frequent during lockdown. Kate Rhee was easy to talk too, helpful, professional and structured in her approach. She has given us some excellent ideas to allow us to support our son’s emotional wellbeing and improve his social skills."

"The work I did has really helped me and I would want to encourage others to use this service to help with all sorts of problems they might have. I needed help with too much anxiety in my life and work. I now feel able to face the situations that I have with confidence and in a relaxed manner. I now no longer have a racing heart when I think of things or speak to people and I’m sure my blood pressure has lowered considerably. It's also great to get a good nights sleep compared to how I felt before."

"I will forever be grateful for being recommended this practice. Kate truly has the ability to genuinely connect with her clients. She came across as someone who really wanted to help me. Kate has empowered me and given me a feeling of hope as well as tools and exercises to help me when the sessions ended."

"I felt my therapist was really genuine. Her friendly warm and caring personality really came across and we were able to develop a good rapport. I felt comfortable talking about very sensitive and personal problems but also that Kate is passionate about helping people."

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