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Also known as the 'Parent Den' because all parents need a little help now and then!

Great Glen Psychology is unique in offering a range of parent workshops to help your child meet their potential or to help you deal with an issue you are worried about, such as your child’s level of anxiety or anger?

Attending a parent workshop to attain your goal is not only effective for your child and supportive for you but is also significantly cheaper because costs are shared!

Details of some of the workshops offered by Great Glen Psychology are outlined below. Other evidence-based programmes (not outlined here) are available for anxious or behaviourally challenging children and are run when the minimum number of parents registering interest is reached, i.e., 10 parents.

We keep groups deliberately small to ensure individual goals are met and we never exceed 12 people per workshop. Workshops are for parents only and unfortunately no creche is available.

If you are interested in attending a workshop please register your interest by emailing Kate at info@greatglenpsychology.co.uk

Workshop 1:
6-week workshop for parents of children aged 3 - 6: Helping your child reach their potential

  • Make your child feel secure and increase their confidence in new situations
  • Encourage your child’s language, social and emotional development
  • Learn how to boost your child’s school readiness skills
  • Strengthen your child’s emotional literacy and emotional regulation
  • Learn how to promote and coach your child’s co-operative and friendship skills
  • Learn how to use play to promote your child’s problem-solving abilities and empathy

This 6-week general programme is suitable for most parents. The total Inclusive Cost for this 6 week workshop is: £140 per person.

Workshop Dates: February and March 2019
Times: 10:30 to 12:30
Venue: Heathmount Hotel, Kingsmill Road, Inverness IV2 3JU

Workshop 2:
14-week workshops for parents of children on the Autism Spectrum aged 2 - 5 years

  • Promote your child’s social competence and positive relationships with others
  • Develop your child’s language skills
  • Learn how to boost your child’s school readiness skills
  • Build and boost your child’s friendship skills and empathy
  • Promote and strengthen your child’s emotional literacy and emotional regulation skills
  • Learn how to use praise and rewards to motivate your child
  • Strengthen and establish effective limit setting strategies
  • Understand and implement effective behavioural management strategies

This intensive programme is specialised for children with Autism and will be tailored to your child's unique developmental needs. The Total Inclusive Cost for this 14-week programme is £400 per person.

Workshop Dates: To be confirmed; currently Scheduled May to July 2019
Times: 10:30 to 12:30
Venue: Heathmount Hotel, Kingsmill Road, Inverness IV2 3JU

Parenting Information for organisations

Training, Consultation and Staff Development:

As one of a small number of select Parenting specialists in the country Kate is able to offer professional training workshops, consultations and supervision sessions to staff and organisations offering the Incredible Years or other parenting interventions.

Kate can also provide bespoke advice, support and consultation to organisations who want to develop and implement their own menu of interventions. Focusing upon your needs and the type of parenting programmes you want to offer Kate will work with you to develop an individualised implementation plan, a staff development and skills building strategy in addition to thinking about how best to obtain and measure the relevant outcomes for your agency.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and details on services offered.

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Feedback from recent training sessions:

"Kate went above and beyond to support me with my goals. She really reassured me and made me feel confident to deliver in the future."

"Kate was fantastic at coaching us, so supportive and helpful."

"Kate you are fantastic and you do peer coaching so well."

"There were light bulb moments ... Things made sense and I thoroughly enjoyed the day and could easily have stayed well past finishing time as it was so engaging"

"Fantastic, loads of helpful tips and explanations - can't wait to try these out in my next group. Well done Kate I feel so much more confident"

"Thanks for a lovely day with lots of ideas and practical advice ..."

Feedback from Consultation and Supervision sessions:

"Kate was amazing, very helpful session, all relevant & great support/advice and ideas, great refresher and so inspiring as a parent group leader. So many amazing people and skill mix. Would benefit from more of these sessions more frequently."

"This has been a fabulous, totally invaluable day. The content of the day has been extremely relevant and delivered so well. I would like more consultation days WITH KATE. Thank you so much."

"Really valuable session. Have really felt that I have learnt a lot and also feel this will help me facilitating my group and discussions. Looking forward to the next one already."

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