Parenting Services for Organisations

As one of only two accredited ‘Mentors’ in the Incredible Years Parenting Series in Scotland, Kate can offer training workshops in parenting and provide ongoing consultation services, skills development and individual or group supervision to professionals delivering parenting programmes.

Kate offers bespoke advice, support and consultation to organisations who want to develop and implement their own menu of parenting interventions. Focusing upon your needs and the type of parenting programme(s) you want Kate will develop an individualised package with you.

We offer our parenting services in two ways;

  • Parent Group Delivery Directly into your organisation. This comprises direct weekly delivery of a group parenting intervention to your parents. The intervention would be delivered by Dr Kate Rhee and one of her specialist clinical associates or with one of your own staff if they have been previously trained in Incredible Years.
  • Support to build and implement your own sustainable and effective in-house parenting services. This includes the joint development of an individualised implementation plan, staff training, skills development and a focus on obtaining and measuring outcomes.

Parenting Programmes offered:

The Incredible Years Parenting Series covers the age range 0-12 years. Some of these programmes are designed to prevent or intervene with mild to moderate behavioural difficulties and some are designed to intervene with more severe behavioural difficulties, including ADHD and Conduct Disorder. Please contact us directly or see for more information on the different parenting programmes in the series.

The Incredible Years parenting programmes are available to you in a group or individual format. The individual programme is known as the home coach model and is very intensive. This includes weekly live coaching of behavioural management skills directly with the child and the parent(s) in the home setting.

Incredible Years Staff Training Programmes

We can now offer the Incredible Beginnings programme. This is a new development and comprises a 6 day curriculum aimed at early years’ teachers, nursery staff and child minders. This programme covers topics such as dealing with separation anxiety, promoting speech and language development, promoting self-regulation and social skills and how to manage pre-school behavioural problems.

Please contact us for more information and detail on the programmes and training offered.

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Feedback from recent training sessions:

"Kate went above and beyond to support me with my goals. She really reassured me and made me feel confident to deliver in the future."

"Kate was fantastic at coaching us, so supportive and helpful."

"Kate you are fantastic and you do peer coaching so well."

"There were light bulb moments ... Things made sense and I thoroughly enjoyed the day and could easily have stayed well past finishing time as it was so engaging"

"Fantastic, loads of helpful tips and explanations - can't wait to try these out in my next group. Well done Kate I feel so much more confident"

"Thanks for a lovely day with lots of ideas and practical advice ..."

Feedback from Consultation and Supervision sessions:

"Kate was amazing, very helpful session, all relevant & great support/advice and ideas, great refresher and so inspiring as a parent group leader. So many amazing people and skill mix. Would benefit from more of these sessions more frequently."

"This has been a fabulous, totally invaluable day. The content of the day has been extremely relevant and delivered so well. I would like more consultation days WITH KATE. Thank you so much."

"Really valuable session. Have really felt that I have learnt a lot and also feel this will help me facilitating my group and discussions. Looking forward to the next one already."

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