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Thank you for visiting this website. Unfortunately due to the high demand for psychological services we are unable to take on any new cases at the present time. It is envisaged that there will no appointments available until March 2020 at the earliest. Please feel free to check availability at that time.

Dr Kate RheeHere at Great Glen Psychology, Parenting & Family Services, we work in a professional and non-judgemental way with adults, children and families who are suffering emotional problems. We are skilled at providing sensitive, compassionate, confidential and effective clinical interventions for individuals experiencing distress such as anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, relationship difficulties and/or family conflict.

The psychological therapies we offer draw upon a number of well-known models and approaches such as Cognitive, Behavioural, Solution Focused and Systemic Family Work.

We also offer the highly regarded Incredible Years Children and Parent’s Series by Carolyn Webster-Stratton to parents of children under 12 years of age presenting with emotional and behavioural problems. These include oppositional behaviour, temper tantrums, anxiety, anger issues, conduct disorder and ADHD. We provide this service directly to parents and also to organisations and agencies. Please see our Parenting Services page for more information.

All interventions are based on an in-depth clinical assessment which aids our understanding of the origins and maintenance of the problem(s) you want help with. Based on this psychological understanding we work together with you to design a treatment tailored to your specific needs. Although we cannot provide a ‘magic wand’ and our work together may not always be easy – we can obtain some life changing outcomes along the way.

"Kate, thank you doesn't seem enough ... For supporting us, for guiding us, for not giving up, and for getting us through the storm, thank you ..."

"Kate went above and beyond to support me with my goals. She really reassured me and made me feel confident."

"Kate was fantastic at coaching us, so supportive and helpful."

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